Nick, looking unnecessarily stern, as generated by OpenAI

Hi, I'm Nick. This is where I write about things.

It's been a very long time — way more than a decade I think — since I had a personal website that actually got maintained with any sort of regularity.

This means I am really out of practice.

In the intervening years, I've posted a few times at these places:

... but having my own site sounds fun for the first time in a long time. So here I am.

Rulers of the ancient world

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The Shape of Information

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Northern Lights: May 2024

An image of the May 2024 Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

Why Feathers Are One of Evolution’s Cleverest Inventions

The Evolution of Stupidity (and Octopus Intelligence)

When Do We Stop Finding New Music?

Eclipse projection 2024

An image of the 2024 eclipse projected through a pinhole about four feet from the paper.