Nick, looking unnecessarily stern, as generated by OpenAI

Hi, I'm Nick. This is where I write about things.

It's been a very long time — way more than a decade I think — since I had a personal website that actually got maintained with any sort of regularity.

This means I am really out of practice.

In the intervening years, I've posted a few times at these places:

... but having my own site sounds fun for the first time in a long time. So here I am.

How Quantum Physicists Explained Earth’s Oscillating Weather Patterns

An archive of LEGO instructions: All available building instruction booklet PDFs from the LEGO website

A Brief History of Insults

How This All Happened: A short story about what happened to the U.S. economy since the end of World War II

No Vehicles in the Park: It calls itself a game about language and rules, and I'd add how it makes it obvious how even simple statements can lead to vast misunderstandings

London Underground: Depths of the Bakerloo, Central, and Victoria line stations (PDF)

The Dome at St. Paul's

Pelican over Tiedeman’s Pond

It’s really quite the ceiling.

Drakon Flowcharts: Looks like a interesting language and set of guidelines for building better flowcharts. (Related: I love flowcharts.)

Read the Feynman Lectures

A history of baseball hats